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Social Services

The majority of farms that work with people with disabilities are organic. The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) offers advice for so-called green workshops that employ people with disabilities.

Farms offer favourable conditions for the integration of people with mental or spiritual impairments due to the routines that take place here which are closely connected to nature. As a result of the good experiences with the care of people with disabilities and their employment in the "green sector", numerous "Workshops for People with Disabilities" (WfbM) have established an agricultural or horticultural sector in recent years. FiBL provides advice on business management, marketing, a desired restructuring or new investments. In addition, WfbMs are actively linked with agricultural businesses, retailers, social care and cultural institutions in the region. This is because the economic prospects and opportunities for sustainable rural development in the region that are offered by the green workshops have so far been utilized far too little. Networking triggers new economic impulses, from which various synergy effects develop. For example, a workshop and a farm can cooperate and market products together if the farm is looking for workers and the workshop provides them.


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