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Regional Value Chains

Regional value chains are an important part of organic agriculture. This field of activity at FiBL Germany is concerned with the strategic and practice-oriented development of value chains to strengthen structures in rural areas and regionalise economic cycles.

Sustainable food provision is not solely based on sustainable or ecological food production; rather, the entire value chain must be included. Demand, feasibility and potential analyses are the cornerstones of every project, before sustainable value chains and marketing concepts can be developed through close cooperation with authorities, local development organisations, food trade businesses, retailers and other relevant actors.

By linking and promoting local actors, an increase in value creation in the region is achieved and the economy in rural areas is strengthened. The ecological benefits stem from the regionalisation of resource cycles, short transport routes and the promotion of the cultural landscape. Regional added value is therefore just as important for sustainable development as organic farming. A combination of organic and regional is a desirable objective.

FiBL conducts a large number of projects covering the analysis of existing regional structures and their potential. Another focus is on projects for active value chain development and management.