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FiBL Newsletter January 2014


FiBL at BIOFACH 2014

BIOFACH 2014  takes place from February 12 to 15, 2014, in Nuremberg, Germany, and also this year FiBL will have a stand (No 647 in hall 1).

During the BIOFACH Congress, FiBL experts and partners will give presentations on their newest research results and trends in the organic sector.

On February 14, Science day will be held. The Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM (TIPI) and the European Technology Platform for Organic Food and Farming will present their work and discuss research agendas.

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Detailed programme:


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3 pm to 3.45 pm: Organic Sector Development in Central and Eastern Europe (Room Istanbul) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

4 pm to 4.45 pm: The World of Organic Agriculture (Room Istanbul) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

5 pm to 5.45 pm: Trends in Organic Regulation (Room Istanbul) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

5 pm to 5.45 pm: Welche Züchtungstechniken passen zum Öko-Landbau? (Room Shanghai) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html


Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 am to 10.45 am: SMART - Paradigmenwechsel in der Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung (Room Helsinki) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

10 am to 11.30: Global market overview – Europe, North America, Japan, China (Room Kiew) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

11 am to 11.45: EU import regulation: First experience (Room Kopenhagen) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

2 pm to 3.30 pm: Case studies on improved data collection methods in selected countries - OrganicDataNetwork session (Room Singapur) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

4 pm to 4.45 pm: Organic Professionals 3.0 (Room Kopenhagen) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

5 pm to 5.45 pm: Zukunft der privaten Bio-Standards im Kontext Nachhaltigkeit (Room Kopenhagen) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html


Friday, February 14, 2014

9 am to 5 pm: Science day (Room Mailand) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

10 am to 10.45 am: Mind the CAP: Policy opportunities and organic market development in Europe (Room Riga) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

12 am to 12.45 am: Current perspectives on climate mitigation and adaptation of organic farming systems (Room Kopenhagen) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html

3 pm to 4.30 pm: Is organic beekeeping conventional? (Room Athen) www.biofach.fibl.org/en/biofach-2014-en.html


Come and visit us at Stand 647 in Hall 1.


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