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FiBL at The Organic Farmers Fair (TOFF) at GreenTech Amsterdam 2018


From 12-14 June 2018, the international fair GreenTech Amsterdam 2018 will be held at RAI Amsterdam for the third time. The fair puts a unique focus on innovative solutions and technologies for the production of vegetables, fruits and flowers. This year, a new event "The Organic Farmers' Fair (TOFF)", aiming at the sharing of knowledge and innovation on organic farming, will host an exclusive group of exhibitors in a separate hall.

FiBL, being among the founding members, will actively contribute to the knowledge programme by exhibiting a selection of projects and publications at the FiBL booth as well as by giving presentations in the "TOFF theatre", the main stage of the fair. At this theatre, various representatives of the organic sector will address topics such as crop protection, seeds, weed control, greenhouse growing, soil fertility, soil life and many other topics of interest.

High-Tech Summit: 'Feeding and greening the world by 2028'

On 11 June, the day prior to the official start of GreenTech Amsterdam and TOFF, a one-day 'High-Tech Summit', hosted for the second time by RAI Amsterdam, will explore how to best feed and green the world over the coming decade.

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Pia Pedross, FiBL Europe


greentech.nl: TOFF website and registration