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FiBL Team France

FiBL Team France
(Antenne FiBL France)

Pôle Bio – Ecosite du Val de Drôme
150 Avenue du Judée
F-26400 Eurre

Phone +33 (0)4 75 25 41 55

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Article (3.0 MB) on the FiBL Team France in Bioaktuell (edition 1/18) in French.

FiBL Team France

In 2017, the FiBL Team France was established. In June 2018, the main office was relocated to the Pôle Bio, which is situated in the Ecosite du Val de Drôme in Eurre, following the construction of a new lab.

Already in 2014, FiBL carried out applied research in the Biovallée area in collaboration with the goat union of the Drôme department. The focus was put on the phytotherapeutic control of parasites. Drôme, the department with the most organic producers, strongly engages in the development of organic agriculture and promotes applied research in favour of organic farming.

Applied research

The FiBL Team France works in the field of organic farming in France and the Drôme region in collaboration with French research institutes and agricultural advisory services. Its focus lies on field trials that are carried out on-farm together with farmers in order to provide practical solutions.


The FiBL Team France established a lab to analyse samples form field trials. Further analyses can be performed in Frick at FiBL Switzerland.

Main activity areas

  • Animal health ruminants and pigs
  • Compost to promote plant health and soil quality
  • Functional biodiversity
  • Alternatives to pesticides

Several specialists from FiBL Switzerland in Frick support the activities of the FiBL Team France: Jacques Fuchs (soil health and compost), Véronique Chevillat (biodiversity), Christian Hirschi (communications), Hannah Ayrle (animal health), Thomas Oberhänsli (molecular biology), Henryk Luka (functional biodiversity).

Further information

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