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Main objectives of FiBL Europe

  1. Promote and expand the use of internet-based databases and services for farmers, farm advisors, certifiers, associations, and public authorities in all aspects of organic agriculture and food production with a particular focus on:
    • List of organic seed and propagation material. OrganicXseeds.com is already in use in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and will be further expanded.
    • Organic inputs list accepted for organic agriculture (see www.organicinputs.org). National lists of evaluated products are already produced for Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland; European input list is in preparation.
  1. Enhance the availabilty and usage of data on production and trade of foods with organic or sustainability labels (www.organic-europe.net) gathered and analysed by FiBL.
  2. Promote FiBL sustainability assessment concept and methodologies for agricultural businesses, companies in the food sector and for decision makers (using tools such as SMART, RISE and Life Cycle Assessment).
  3. Offer FiBL refined comprehensive toolbox with information on organic farm techniques and knowledge in different European languages (see shop.fibl.org and www.farmknowledge.org).
  4. Produce studies on all FiBL activities (namely aspects of socio-economics, market development, soils, plant production, plant protection, breeding, animal husbandry and health, food quality and safety).
  5. Represent the network of national FiBL offices to potential partners and funding opportunities for cooperative projects in the European Union and in developing countries.