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Currently available topics for Bachelors theses

Masters and Bachelors theses

FiBL staff supervise Bachelors and Masters theses as well as term papers and Diploma theses in their fields. In most cases it must be agreed in advance which professor will be supervising the work

The available topics are proposals which may be altered if necessary. For details please get in touch with the contact person listed.

Currently available topics for Masters theses

Soil Sciences

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Crop Sciences

Plant Breeding and Variety Testing

Livestock Sciences

  • Ration planning tools for pigs and poultry in organic farming
    Contact: Barbara Früh
    Description (112.5 KB)
  • Vitamin requirements in organic livestock nutrition
    Contact: Hannah Ayrle, Florian Leiber
    Description (170.8 KB)
  • Feeding of different insect meals to rainbow trout and Eurasian perch fry
    Contact: Timo Stadtlander
    Description (223.1 KB)
  • Feeding of sustainably produced duckweed (Lemnaceae) as protein-rich feed component in feed of trout carp or perch
    Contact: Timo Stadtlander
    Description (224.4 KB)
  • Fitness assessment of distinct inbred strains of the Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens, and their reciprocal crosses for evaluating genotype-phenotype correlations, the effect of maternal background and interbreeding compatibility
    Contact: Christoph Sandrock
    Description (157.9 KB)
  • Komplementärmedizinisches Beratungsprogramm für Nutztiere "Kometian" - On-Farm Analysen
    Contact: Ariane Maeschli
    Description (82.8 KB)
  • 100 % Biofütterung bei Mastschweinen – on farm
    Contact: Nele Quander
    Description (173.0 KB)

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Socio-Economic Sciences

  • Soil nitrous oxide emission modeling – a model intercomparison
    Contact: Matthias Meier
    Description (162.6 KB)

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International Cooperation

  • Increasing nitrogen availability in organic cotton based cropping systems in central India
    Contact: Harun Cicek
    Description (187.4 KB)
  • Holistic Management of HLB/Citrus Greening Disease in Organic Citrus Production (Field experiment) - Effects of biochar application in organic orange orchards
    Contact: Salvador Garibay
    Description (102.1 KB)
  • Holistic Management of HLB/Citrus Greening Disease in Organic Citrus Production (Lab experiment) - Influence of biochar and role of AMF on growth and nutrient supply of organic orange seedlings
    Contact: Salvador Garibay
    Description (97.1 KB)

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Currently available topics for Bachelor theses

We do not offer any English-language topics at present.

Crop Sciences

Functional Agrobiodiversity

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