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Team Switzerland


Niggli Urs Prof. Dr. Director of FiBL Switzerland and Responsible of Quality Management


Agac Erkut Administrative trainee
Bayer Erika Secretariat FiBL Switzerland
Conder Malgorzata M.Sc. Scientific Assistant of the Director
Drexler Dóra Dr.-Ing. Organic agriculture in Hungary
Droll Beat Head of administration, finance and accounting, Member of board of directors
Finsterwald Karin Finance and accounting
Friedrich Roman Computer administration
Leu Stefanie Workshop secretariat, secretariat
Merz Anne Administration, Member of board of directors, Head of secretariat, Organisation ABIM, Quality Management
Müller Annemarie Administration, Telephone switchboard
Reding Bénédicte Finance and accounting
Rickenbacher Beat EDP
Wang-Müller Qiyan Dr. ref. nat. Swiss -Sino collaboration Plant growth, utilization and plant protection
Waziri Naomi Computer trainee
Williner Stefan Human resources, finance and accounting


Amsler Thomas Head of Restaurant, Services
Bircher Erika Restaurant, domestic services
Cafaro Immacolata Domestic services
Finsterwald Sibylle Cook
Hajdarpasic Ahmo Transports, domestic servicing and maintenance
Hunziker-Krebs Trudi Cook
Khirallah Firas Restaurant, services
Rohrer Rolf Services
Stocker Ivanka Restaurant

Department of International Cooperation

Adamtey Noah Dr. Phil. Agr. & Umwelt Project coordinator
Andres Christian M.Sc. Agr. ETH Sustainable agriculture in the tropics
Armengot Martinez Laura Dr. Research on Sustainable Production Systems
Bautze David Research on Sustainable Production Systems
Bernet Thomas Dr. Dipl. Ing. Agr. ETH Market chain research, development and management
Bhullar Gurbir Dr. Sc. Systems Comparison Project in India
Eisenring Tobias MBA, MSci, MAS Value chain and market development, Senior expert in Labelling and Certification, Organisation Development, Project Management
Garibay Salvador Dr. sc. ETH Region: Latin America; Field of expertise: Plant production, tropical fruits, markets, curricula, training
Huber Beate Dipl.-Ing. agr. (FH) Head of department, Member of board of direction, Field of expertise: Organic legislation, certification, personnel and organization development
Kadzere Irene Dr. Elaboration of training material for Africa, Development of research projects
Meili Eric Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Extensions in dairy and meat production, processing and marketing, farm planning
Nicolay Gian L. Dipl. Ing. Agr. ETH Coordination Africa
Riar Amritbir Singh Dr. Scientist, Syscom
Richter Toralf Dr. International development of organic markets, Marketing services for organic market actors
Riedel Judith Dr. sc. ETH Research on Sustainable Production Systems
Schneider Monika M.Sc. Agr. ETH Regions: Latin America, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, Field of expertise: Agricultural Research for Development, low-input agriculture, agroforestry, auditing and certification systems, institutional building
Sigg Tetiana Dipl. Politologin Dipl. Politologin Region: Eastern Europe and market development
Urban Jiří Dipl. Ing. Project Advisor
van den Berge Paul Dipl.-Ing. HTL Regions: Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle-East, South America, South-East Asia; Field of expertise: Standards, label accreditation, traceability systems, vegetable production

Department of Extension, Training and Communication

Alföldi Thomas Dr. sc. ETH Research networks, communication projects, audiovisual media
Basler Andreas Translations, Web support
Bircher Richard Meisterlandwirt Extensions in sustainability, biodiversity
Bissig Simone Layout of the magazine "Bioaktuell", Graphics
Böhler Daniel Dipl.-Ing. Agr. (FH) Extensions in arable farming, extensive meat production
Bougouin Hélène Master AgroParisTech Project management, communication, Development of FiBL in the French speaking part of Switzerland
Charles Raphaël Dr., Dipl. Ing. Agr. ETHZ Head of the Suisse Romande branch FiBL
Chevillat Véronique Dipl. Biol. Extensions in feedstuffs, plant production trials, biodiversity
Clerc Maurice Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Tillage production, farm network (Western Switzerland), editor www.bioactualites.ch
Dierauer Hansueli Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Extensions in arable farming, feed production
Früh Barbara Dipl.-Ing. FH Extensions in feedstuffs, non-ruminants
Hämmerli Franziska lic. phil. Media spokesperson, Editor magazine "Bioaktuell", Internet editorial team, Social media
Häseli Andreas Dipl.-Ing. Agr. HTL Extensions in fruit production, viticulture, plant protection
Heckendorn Felix Dr. Sci. ETH Endoparasites in ruminants
Hirschi Christian Dipl.-Ing. agr. Editor magazine "Bioaktuell"
Huber Kathrin Umweltingenieur FH (B.Sc.) Development of educational programs and teaching materials Vegetable crops
Klaiss Matthias M.Sc. Agr. Extensions in organic seeds, arable farming
Koller Martin Dipl.-Ing. FH Extensions in vegetable growing
Lernoud Julia Statistics and data collection
Meili Eric Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Extensions in dairy and meat production, processing and marketing, farm planning
Notz Christophe Dr. med. vet. Extensions in complementary medicine
Obrist Robert Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Head of the department, Member of board of directors, training office, training opportunities, international cooperation with private institutions
Perret Jo-Anne Dipl.-Ing.Agr. HES Extensions in fruit production, sustainability, biodiversity
Rebholz Theresa Dipl.-Ing. agr. (FH) Editor magazine "Bioaktuell", Internet editorial team
Riedi Kurt Visueller Gestalter Graphic design, Visual communication
Schild Marion M.Sc. Agr. ETH Projects in arable farming
Schlatter Bernhard Dipl. Biol. Consultancy of statistics and data
Schmutz Res Dipl.-Ing. Agr. HTL Editor technical leaflets and www.bioaktuell.ch, general organic advice
Schneider Claudia Dr. agr. Extensions in ethology, horned cows in loose housing, feedstuffs
Schürmann Stefan B.Sc. agr. Extensions in animal husbandry, processing and marketing, farm planning
Stefani Patrick Dipl.-Ing. Agr. (FH) Fruit-growing, viticulture
Steiner Franz Josef Landwirt, Tropen Agrotechniker Advisory services, pasture management, beef production
Weidmann Gilles Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Editor technical leaflets and manuals
Willer Helga Dr. rer. nat. Statisitcs on organic agriculture worldwide, internet editorial team

Department of Soil Sciences

Bünemann-König Else PD Dr. sc. nat. Scientific collaborator
Fliessbach Andreas Dr. sc. agr. Soil biology, soil ecology
Gattinger Andreas Dr. Dipl.-Ing.agr., M.Sc. Head of Climate, Research and project management in organic agriculture and climate change
Krause Hans-Martin Dipl. Geoökol. PhD Student
Krauss Maike Dipl. Geoökol. Soil Sciences
Kuhn Anton Laboratory management
Kundel Dominika M.Sc. Biology PhD Student
Lori Martina M.Sc. PhD Student
Mäder Paul Dr. phil, Dipl. Ing. Agr. ETH Head of department, member of board of directors, DOK-trial, soil biology, mycorrhiza, soil fertility
Munyangabe Adolphe Laboratory
Natarajan Mathimaran Dr. Sc. Nat. ETH Coordinator of a Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology Project ISCB BIOFI
Perrochet Frédéric Dipl.-Ing. Agr. FH Field trials (DOK, preparats trial, reduce tillage trial)
Sauter Moritz Coordination DOK
Sousa Fernando M.Sc. Naturschutzbiologie Assistance in the Coordination of the project "Farmer-driven organic resource management for soil fertility"
Symanczik Sarah Dr. Sc. Plant symbiosis, molecular biology
Thonar Cécile Dr. Sc. ETH Plant symbiosis and plant nutrition
Tresch Simon M.Sc. Geoscience PhD Student

Department of Crop Sciences

Arncken-Karutz Christine Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Holistic grain quality, Seed and breeding for organic agriculture
Barloggio Guendalina M.Sc. PhD Student
Cahenzli Fabian Dr. sc. nat. Biological pest control
Daniel Claudia Dr. agr. Biological pest control
Fataar Shakira M.Sc. PhD Student
Friedli Michael Dr. sc. ETH, MSc ETH Agr Fruit and berry cultivation
Fuchs Jacques Dr. sc. ETH Phytopathology, compost quality, soil-borne diseases
Gallmeister Anna Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Fruit and berry production Special fruit horticulture Cultivation technique and experimental trials
Häseli Andreas Dipl.-Ing. Agr. HTL Extensions in fruit production, viticulture, plant protection
Herforth-Rahmé Joelle Dr. Sc. Vegetable growing
Hohmann Pierre Dr. Plant Breeding
Lévite Dominique Dipl.-Ing. Rebbau und Vinifikation IUVV Viticulture, oenology
Ludwig Mathias B.Sc. Test engineer
Luka Henryk Dr. phil, Ing. agr. Biodiversity and habitat management
Messmer Monika Dr. sc. agr. Plant breeding for organic agriculture
Oberhänsli Thomas Dr. sc. ETH Molecular biology, plant pathology, microbiology
Pfiffner Lukas Dr. phil-nat, Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Biodiversity, nature conservation, cultivation systems
Roggli Martin Gartenbau-Ing. HTL Auxiliary inputs, Technician
Schärer Hans-Jakob Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Phytopathology, seed pathology
Speiser Bernhard Dr. phil. Inputs, residues, slugs and snails
Steinemann Beatrice Dipl.-Ing. Obst- und Weinbau HTL, MBA Biodiversity, Fruit-Growing and Viticulture, Climate change
Stöckli Sibylle Dr. sc. ETH Agroecology, Climate change adaptation, Integrated and biological pest management
Tamm Lucius Dr. phil, Dipl. Ing. Agr. ETH Head of department, member of board of directors, phytopathology, list of approved substances, quality assurance for organic products, food safety, apple and grapevine diseases, epidemiology
Thürig Barbara Dr. phil. Phytopathology, induced resistance

Department of Livestock Sciences

Ammer Stefanie Dr. Animal husbandry, Animal welfare
Amsler-Kepalaite Zivile Dipl. Agrarökologin Field trials, laboratory
Ayrle Hannah Dr. med.vet Veterinary Phytotherapy
Baumgartner Livia B.Sc. (FH) Laboratory
Bieber Anna M.Sc. agr. Animal breeding and husbandry: cattle
Biegel Ulrike med. vet Mistletoe therapy for dogs and cats
Christen Ophélie Dr. med. vet Mistletoe therapy for horses
Kapp Bitter Alexandra med. vet. PhD Student
Krug Uwe Dipl.-Ing. agr. FH Test engineer, aquaculture
Leiber Florian Dr. sc. nat. Head of department, member of board of directors, Animal Nutrition
Leubin Markus Technical employee
Maeschli Ariane Dr. med. vet. Health of dairy cows, Complementary and alternative medicine
Maurer Veronika Dr. sc. ETH Ectoparasites, list of approved substances
Perler Erika Biologie-Laborantin Field and laboratory trials
Probst Johanna Dr. Sc. ETH Animal husbandry
Quander Nele Dipl.-Ing. PhD Student, Animal feeding
Rell Julia PhD Student
Sandrock Christoph Dr. sc. nat. Project leader
Spengler Neff Anet Dr., Dipl. Ing. agr. ETH Constitution, health and behaviour of cows and feeder cattle
Stadtlander Timo Dr. sc.agr. Technician aquaculture
Thüer Susann Dr. med. vet Endoparasites in ruminants
Walkenhorst Michael Dr. med. vet. pro-Q, health of dairy cows
Werne Steffen Dr. Sc. ETH Endoparasites in ruminants
Wohlfahrt Jens Dr. rer. nat. Hermetia illucens

Department of Socio-Economic Sciences

Baumgart Lukas M.Sc. Ökologische Landwirtschaft Sustainability assessment, Actor analysis in rural areas, Development Cooperation
Bickel Regula Dr.sc. Techn organic Food
Blockeel Johan M.Sc. Sustainability Assessment
Brüggemann Judith Dr. agr. Policy impact assessment, modelling (FARMIS)
Ferrari Adele Dr. sc. nat. Biodiversity assessment within LCA
Frehner Anita M.Sc. PhD Student, Modelling of global food systems
Frick Rebekka M.Sc. Environmental Governance Urban Food Systems, Regional Development
Gabel Vanessa Maria Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Biodiversity, Life Cycle Assessment
Heidenreich Anja M.Sc. Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science Sustainability Assessment
Home Robert Dr. sc. nat. Agricultural knowledge systems, agricultural innovation networks
Jahrl Ingrid Dipl.-Ing. Urban food systems
Landert Jan M.Sc. ETH Umwelt- und Naturwissenschaften Sustainability Assessment
Lewis Olivia M.Sc. Urban food systems
Marton Silvia Dr. sc. ETH Agr. Sustainability Assessment
Meier Claudia M.Sc. Umweltökonomie und Klimawandel Consumer research
Meier Matthias Dr. sc. nat. ETH. Umwelt- und Naturwissenschaften ETH Impact assessment of farming system, sustainability and life-cycle assessments of food products
Moakes Simon B.Sc. Agrarwissenschaften Development of economic sustainability indicators, farm sustainability assessment, farm accounting and economic assessment
Moschitz Heidrun Dr. sc. ETH Agricultural policy, rural sociology
Müller Adrian Dr. sc. nat. Agriculture and climate change, policy instruments, food system models
Oehen Bernadette Dipl. Botanikerin, MAS ETH Technology assessment, environmental risk analysis, environmental monitoring
Quiédeville Sylvain M.Sc. Project Impresa
Ramšak-Noemi Klavdija M.Sc. Socio-Economics, agricultural policy
Schader Christian Dr. Head of sustainability, policy evaluation
Schmid Otto Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH Rural development, standards
Ssebunya Brian M.Sc. Sustainability assessment, PhD Student
Stolz Hanna Dr. agr. Consumer research
Stolze Matthias Dr. sc. agr. Head of department, member of board of directors, agricultural policy, policy evaluation, socio-economic impact assessment
Tong Bennan M.Sc. ETH Food innovation and consumption, Project leader

Experimental Farms

Dehlinger Bronya Eidg. dipl. Landwirtin Farm manager
Gallati Philip Dipl. Ing. Oenologie Vineyard FiBL
Ramel Christina Dr. sc. nat. Vine dresser trainee
Schädeli Alfred Dipl.-Ing. Agr. HTL Master farm manager
Tuchschmid Andreas Ing. HTL Weinbau Manager FiBL vineyard