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Department of Extension, Training and Communication – Putting Knowledge into Practice

Advancing organic agriculture, developing alternative solutions and processes – these are FiBL’s goals. Our research projects are guided primarily by the needs of practitioners and the challenges of the future. Transmitting to practitioners the knowledge gathered through research and on pilot farms is a vital task. FiBL employs diverse methods: a team of experts advises farmers in the field, offers courses and provides training for both organic farmers and junior scientists.

In addition to its direct contacts with practitioners, FiBL uses the full range of options by which to disseminate knowledge about organic farming. The technical guides, CDs, conference proceedings, manuals and reports now number almost 400. These carefully edited and designed publications are available from the FiBL Shop. FiBL also uses various websites to provide information on specific topics. Breaking news is presented on www.fibl.org, Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, FiBL maintains its own YouTube channel, where it provides numerous videos on the issues of organic farming. FiBL attends conferences and conventions on a regular basis, thus keeping continuous contact with researcher and extension colleagues around the world. Global developments in the organic sector are monitored and documented.

from left to right: Matthias Klaiss, Andi Häseli, Hansueli Dierauer, Véronique Chevillat, Theresa Rebholz, Kathrin Huber, Christophe Notz, Hélène Bougouin, Jo-Anne Perret, Eric Meili, Robert Obrist, Franz J. Steiner, Christian Hirschi, Richard Bircher, Kurt Riedi, Gilles Weidmann, Marion Schild, Claudia Schneider, Bernhard Schlatter, Helga Willer, Simone Bissig, Patrick Stefani, Julia Lernoud, Franziska Hämmerli, Andreas Basler, Stefan Schürmann, Res Schmutz; missing: Thomas Alföldi; Daniel Böhler, Raphael Charles, Maurice Clerc, Barbara Früh, Felix Heckendorn, Martin Koller; October 2016; photo: FiBL, Malgorzata Conder
Groupe photo Department of Extension, Training and Communication