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FiBL’s information policy is active, open and straightforward. As someone working in the media, you will find all the background on organic research, food quality and sustainable agriculture here. Our media liaison officers and our experts will be happy to help you should you have further questions.

Current press releases

New study shows that organic farming can contribute to the world food supply


A worldwide conversion to organic farming can contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable food system, if combined with further measures. Thus, it is important to... read more

12th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting held in Basel


Producers of biocontrol products did not always have a common meeting place. This changed in 2006, when the innovative idea to hold a congress for biocontrol products... read more

Fraud prevention through verifying organic farming practices


Transparency is crucial for the organic markets and exports from Ukraine. More transparency could be achieved through verifying good organic farming practices, shorter... read more

More microbes in organic soil


Soils in organic farming contain on average 59 percent more biomass from microorganisms, which are up to 84 percent more active compared to those in conventional... read more

Are you an exporter of organic products? A new website informs you on current requirements


Navigating through the ever-changing import rules is now easier thanks to a new website: OrganicExportInfo. It allows exporters of organic products to find the current... read more

FiBL Europe celebrates its opening


Today, the leading research institute in organic agriculture, FiBL, inaugurated its new office in Brussels. It builds a bridge between FiBL’s sound scientific knowledge... read more

Voluntary Sustainability Standards: Growth continues


The latest market data on key Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) is presented in "The State of Sustainable Markets 2017" report. The 2017 edition was presented... read more

Tillage without using a plough: beneficial for soil and climate


Ploughless tillage can reduce soil erosion and contribute to protecting the climate. Two recent publications by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) on... read more

New round for the FiBL organic input list 2018


Trade products can now be registered for the "Input list for organic agriculture in Germany 2018”. read more

Cacao agroforestry systems increase farmers’ income


A long-term study in Bolivia comparing different cacao production systems shows that in addition to enhancing biodiversity as well as farmers’ food security and... read more